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Anitha Saravanakumar, PhD student

    Anitha Saravanakumar, PhD student

About me
I am a first year PhD student from Akhlaghi Research Lab, interested in DDI in disease models such as Type 2 diabetes.

Research interest
Drug-drug interactions in CYPs and transporters.

Current research
Working on developing human hepatocyte cell culture model to mimic steatosis in hepatocytes.

Previous research
I have 2 years of work experience at PDM, Enzymology group, Pfizer, where I worked on induction assay and drug-drug interaction based on CYP3A4, 2B6, 1A2 induction in sandwich culture hepatocytes.

BS, Biotechnology, Anna University, India, 2009
MS, Human Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut, 2012

Contact details

Recognized for excellence in teaching for “Physiology and Anatomy”, University of Connecticut, 2012.

Awarded for poster on “Study of Genetically Engineered Remote Controlled Brain”, Hapten Symposium, 2008.

Outside lab activities/hobbies
Table Tennis