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Research Projects

1. Translational strategy to develop a novel compound for treatment of alcohol dependence. [PI: Lorenzo Leggio (NIAAA); Co-PI; Fatemeh Akhlaghi], NIH 2014 UH3 TR
Alcohol dependence (AD) afflicts ~10% of the US population, therefore discovering new, more effective treatments for AD is essential. Antagonism of the ghrelin receptor represents a novel and promising pharmacological approach to treat AD and a better characterization of this approach may lead to a more effective pharmacotherapy for AD. This project is highly significant as it has the potential to identify a new more effective medication for AD and possibly other addictions (e.g. smoking).

2. Effect of diabetes on the regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes. [PI: Fatemeh Akhlaghi]
Disease conditions has been reported to effect the anabolism of drug in human. Our lab is trying to understand the effect of different disease conditions on various drug metabolism and enzymes. We have a liver microsome and liver cytosol sample bank from over 100+ different human livers.